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ERS Monograph 87: Pleural Disease


This Monograph provides the clinician with an up-to-date summary of the substantial evidence in our understanding of pleural disease. It covers key aspects relevant to clinicians, including mechanisms, pathophysiology, epidemiology, diagnostics, relevant experimental models and interventions. Although broad in scope, readers will be able to reach into individual chapters to gain a focused summary of specific areas relevant to their clinical or scientific practice.

Contents list 
1. Epidemiology: why is pleural disease becoming more common?
2. The pathophysiology of breathlessness and other symptoms associated with pleural effusions
3. In vitro and in vivo laboratory models
4. Radiology: what is the role of chest radiographs, CT and PET in modern management?
5. Thoracic ultrasound: a key tool beyond procedure guidance
6. Pleural interventions: less is more?
7. Pleural physiology: what do we understand and what should we measure in clinical practice?
8. Medical thoracoscopy in 2020: essential and future techniques
9. Optimal diagnosis and treatment of malignant pleural disease: challenging the guidelines
10. Pleural infection: moving from treatment to prevention
11. Effusions related to TB
12. Pneumothorax: how to predict, prevent and cure
13. Nonspecific pleuritis
14. Nonmalignant pleural effusions: are they as benign as we think?
15. Mesothelioma: is chemotherapy alone a thing of the past?
16. Novel technology: more than just indwelling pleural catheters
17. The role of surgery
18. The specialist pleural service: when, why and who?

Product Details

  • Published: 2020-03-01
  • DOI: 10.1183/2312508X.erm8720
  • ISBN electronic: 978-1-84984-116-0
  • Format : EPUB

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