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MedQuest: Get Physical!

Taught exclusively by Master the Boards author Dr. Conrad Fischer, MedQuest’s Get Physical! Video Series prepares you to answer any question about physical findings you might see on the boards—from head to toe and skin to heart. Stream 11+ hours of engaging, high-yield videos and learn anytime, anywhere from your computer or mobile device. 

This video course connects clinical medicine with all the basic science disciplines. You will see and hear the: 

  • pathology of skin findings
  • microbiology of physical findings based on infections such as otitis, STDs, and cellulitis
  •  natomy of physical abnormalities using CT, MRI and X-ray along with diagrams of organs throughout the body
  • biochemistry of diabetes and Cushing’s syndrome
  • physiology of heart sounds, murmurs, bruits and lung abnormalities on auscultation
  • and more!

Why settle for a description of Parkinson’s tremor or the oculocephalic reflex when you can SEE IT? Why read about drusen in the eye of macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, or papilledema when you can SEE IT? Do you find it impossible to understand the difference between crackles, egophony and wheezing? Now HEAR THEM!

Contents :

1. Cardiology (4 Videos)

2. Dermatology (2 Videos)

3. Endocrinology (2 Videos)

4. ENT (1 Video)

5. Gastroenterology (1 Video)

6. Genitourinary (1 Video)

7. Hematology (1 Video)

8. Immunological (1 Video)

9. Infectious (2 Videos)

10. Neurology (4 Videos)

11. Obstetrics (1 Video)

12. Ophthalmology (1 Video)

13. Pediatrics (1 Video)

14. Psychiatry (1 Video)

15. Respiratory (2 Videos)

16. Rheumatology (1 Video)

Details : 26 Videos

Size : 7.64 Gb

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