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2019 William M. Steinberg Board Review In Gastroenterology


Description :

The William M. Steinberg Board Review in Gastroenterology and Best Practices Course is designed for fellows, and post- fellowship physicians preparing to take their Certifying or Recertifying board exam and/ or for those who desire a comprehensive review and current update of gastroenterology. In addition, nurse practitioners and physician assistants working in a GI practice  will find this course appropriate for their educational needs. Dr. Steinberg has been directing this course since 1985 and over 11,000 gastroenterologists have taken the course one or more times. A faculty of expert clinicians from around the country will emphasize up-to-date information (including current national GI/hepatology society guidelines) supplemented with board –type questions. Audience participation is encouraged with the use of our new Audience Response System (ARS). The review will include information on the diagnosis and management of disorders of the esophagus, stomach, small and large intestine, pancreas, biliary tree and liver.


Viral Hepatitis M Shiffman
Drug Induced Liver Injury M. Shiffman
Autoimmune Liver Diseases M. Shiffman
Liver Disease of Pregnancy R. Sterling
Steatohepatitis R. Sterling
Genetic diseases of the liver R. Sterling
Portal hypertension M. Russo
Liver Potpourri M. Russo
Board review questions M. Russo
Biliary tract disease M. Anderson

ERCP/EUS M. Anderson
The Boards
How to navigate UpToDate for the boards K. Robson
Acute Pancreatitis C. Forsmark
Chronic Pancreatitis / Cysts C. Forsmark
Pancreas Board review
Board-type questions C. Forsmark
Motility Disorders S. Spechler
Gastroesophageal Reflux S. Spechler
Esophagus Potpourri
Barrett’s / EoE / etc S. Spechler
Gastro-duodenal mucosal disorders C. Howden
Non-variceal UGI bleeding C. Howden
Gastric and Small Bowel Motility A. Wald
Constipation and Defecation disorders A. Wald
Irritable bowel syndrome A. Wald
Colonoscopy Best Practices D. Rex
Genetic Colon polyps/cancer syndromes F.Giardiello
Inflammatory Bowel Diseases (IBD) I D. Rubin
IBD II D. Rubin
Infections of the Gut B. Cash
Colon Potpourri and Board Review Questions B. Cash
Small Intestine
Celiac Sprue C. Kelly
Non-Celiac Small Bowel Disorders C. Kelly
Small Bowel
cases/board review questions L. Brandt
Best Practices and Board Review Questions M. Smith

Details : 59 Videos + 1 PDF

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