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Osler General Surgery 2019 Online Review

Description :

CME on Your Terms – The Osler Institute utilized state of the art equipment to record our Live July 2019 comprehensive Surgery Review Course and bring it to you! These Video/Audio files are stored “in the cloud” so you can stream them anywhere, anytime, as long as you have an internet connection, watch or listen to on your phone, computer, or tablet – your learning experience is almost like being at the live activity, but without travel costs and time away from your practice. Included with each online review is a downloadable copy of the syllabus that corresponds to the Video/Audio lectures for your use while viewing or as a free-standing study or clinical practice guide.

This comprehensive review is designed to update your clinical knowledge-base as well as to help you pass your General Surgery exams. Emphasis is on evidence-based medicine and board-relevant standards of care, incorporating current best practice concepts, surgical approaches, and clinical follow-up strategies. As a result, it provides a good review for your ABS written exams as well as providing a thorough general surgery review for physicians in practice. Many previous learners have found the course provided them with improved diagnostic and planning strategies, a better understanding of the best surgical approaches for the principle areas covered by general surgeons, and helped them recognize areas of weakness for self-study.


Abdominal trauma
Abdominal wall and hernia
Appendix, small bowel and spleen.
Basic immunology and organ transplantation.
Benign anorectal and colorectal disorder.
benign breast.
Breast cancer.
Burn & inhalation injury.
Cardiac critical care.
Cardiac Surgery.
Colon, Recta and anal cancer.
Congenital GI disorder.
discussion 2.
Esophageal disorder benign and malignant.
Fluids, Electrolytes & Acid-base.
Gastrointestinal bleeding .
genitourinary & gynecology
head & neck surgery.
Head & neck trauma.
Hepatobiliary and portal hypertension 1.
Hepatobiliary and portal hypertension 2.
Infection & antimicrobial therapy.
Mediastinum and chest wall disorders .
Medical Ethics.
Multiple endocrine neoplasia.
Nutrition & metabolism.
Oncology and tumor biology.
Pancreas benign and malignant disorder
Parathyroid disease.
Pediatric trauma and emergency
Pelvic trauma.
Peripheral artery disease.
Preoperative evaluation & perioperative care
Pulmonary critical care.
Pulmonary surgery benign and malignant .
Shock and multi-organ failure
Skin and melanoma.
Stomach and duodenum benign disorder.
Stomach and duodenum,small bowel malignant disorder.
surgical oncology.
The adrenal.
Thoracic trauma.
Transfusion & disorders of coagulation.
Vascular surgery and endovascular therapy.
Venous disease.

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