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Penn Radiology Advanced Breast Imaging and Interventions 2020


Description :

Experts from Penn Radiology and other revered institutions supply the latest information with Advanced Breast Imaging and Interventions.  Fundamentals, techniques and advancements will be reviewed for all aspects of breast imaging.  Controversies will be addressed and the latest technology will be examined for implementation into conventional protocols.  With topics spread across mammography, breast MR, ultrasound and tomosynthesis, completion of this activity will allow well rounded breast imagers to meet their MQSA CME requirements.  Worth up to 16 AMA PRA Category I Credits™, which all count toward Self Assessment CME Requirements for ABR Maintenance of Certification.

Focus: Breast cancer screening, current tomosynthesis applications, MR and Ultrasound interpretations, multimodal interventional procedures, core needle biopsy, abbreviated MR, cancer biology, BIRADS, pre and post-operative imaging, high risk lesions, special populations and much more!

Details : 24 Videis

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