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SCCT 2019 Board Review On Demand


Description :

This On Demand Course is the recorded content from the 11th Annual SCCT Comprehensive Board Review and Update of Cardiovascular CT held July 10 – 11, 2019 in Baltimore, MD. The 10th Annual SCCT Comprehensive Board Review and Update of Cardiovascular CT is designed to engage physicians and healthcare professionals interpreting cardiovascular CT in a comprehensive exploration of all aspects of cardiovascular CT principles, methodologies, and clinical practice. Didactic lectures, image-based case examples, reviews of the research literature in cardiovascular CT, and test questions are designed to increase the competence and performance of the physician up to a level established for the Certification Board of Cardiovascular CT Exam and the Cardiovascular CT Certificate of Advanced Proficiency Examination. The course will focus on the “core” knowledge that every practitioner of cardiovascular CT is expected to know, across a wide range of topics, as determined by the examination board of the CBCCT and the ACR.


  • 01 Scan Acquisition and Protocols
  • 02 Patient Selection and Preparation
  • 03 Image Reconstruction, Post-Processing, and Artifacts
  • 04 Coronary Calcium and Aortic Valve Calcium, Methods, Diagnosis and Prognosis
  • 05 Non-Cardiac Anatomy & Pathology_ Aorta, Lungs, and Mediastinum
  • 06 End-of-day 1 – Q&A Review Session
  • 07 Coronary CTA I_ Anatomy, Variations, and Anomalies
  • 08 Coronary CTA II_ Coronary Disease, Stents, and Grafts
  • 09 Non-Coronary Cardiac I_ Heart Structure, Masses, and Congenital
  • 10 Non-Coronary Cardiac II_ Valve and Pericardium
  • 11 Structureal Heart Disease
  • 12 Functional Assessment of CAD
  • 13 End-of-day 2 – Q&A Review Session

Details : 13 Videos

Size : 17.3 Gb

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