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Free MedQuest : Medicine Clerkship High-Yield Video Series 2020

Free MedQuest : Medicine Clerkship High-Yield Video Series 2020


Stand out and honor your medicine clerkship by learning from Dr. Conrad Fischer, Internal Medicine Residency Program Director and author of the best-selling Master the Boards series. MedQuest’s Medicine Clerkship High-Yield Video Series guides you through what you’re expected to know on a daily basis on your required medicine rotation so you can stand out on the wards and earn a top score on the shelf exam and the USMLE Step 2. Make learning medicine fun and memorable with 40+ hours of engaging, high-yield videos you can stream anytime, anywhere from your computer or mobile device. 

Trust your exam prep to MedQuest to earn your top score and get the match you want

Your Package Includes:

  • 105 high-yield videos (40+ hours) taught by master educator Dr. Conrad Fischer 
  • Memorable coverage of highly tested topics including cardiology, allergy/immunology, dermatology, endocrinology, gastroenterology, geriatrics, hematology, infectious disease, nephrology, neurology, women’s health, oncology, pulmonology, and rheumatology.
  • Streaming videos that let you learn anytime, anywhere on your computer or mobile device

Study with MedQuest anytime, anywhere to ensure you ace your exams and honor your calling.


Contents ( 105 Full-HD Videos , Total Duration: 43 hours 27 minutes 1 seconds) :

▪️1. General Internal Medicine (3 Videos)

▪️2. Cardiology (10 Videos)

▪️3. Allergy and Immunology (3 Videos)

▪️4. Dermatology (6 Videos)

▪️5. Endocrinology (8 Videos)

▪️6. Gastroenterology (8 Videos)

▪️7. Geraitrics (8 Videos)

▪️8. Hematology (8 Videos)

▪️9. Infectious Diseases (7 Videos)

▪️10. Nephrology (8 Videos)

▪️11. Neurology (9 Videos)

▪️12. Woman’s Health (5 Videos)

▪️13. Oncology (5 Videos)

▪️14. Pulmonology (10 Videos)

▪️15. Rheumatology (11 Videos)


Size : 54 Gb



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